Online Services for Business Consulting

In the article, we highlighted the main advantages of new online consulting services with the usage of SAP Analytics, executive boardroom and many other tools

What tasks does online business consulting solve?

Usually, online business consulting all over the world is of a consulting nature. However, the help of specialists in this area allows business owners to solve many problems, including:

  • create an effective structured information system for enterprise management;
  • fully or partially automate various business processes;
  • find the optimal IT solutions for each specific client and implement them in the enterprise;
  • timely modernize the information system, software and the fleet of available computer equipment;
  • ensure uninterrupted operation of the enterprise in the event of software or hardware updates;
  • identify all the weaknesses of the existing IT system and reorganize it if necessary;
  • protect corporate data;
  • make business management more transparent and understandable;
  • facilitate document flow and communication within the company;
  • significantly improve control over the work of personnel;
  • reduce the number of mistakes when performing day-to-day business tasks.

Also, professional business consulting will help determine the level of competence of full-time IT specialists.

Improving business with online technologies

Timely audit of the company and implementation of the solutions proposed by top-rated specialists will increase the efficiency of any enterprise. Online business consulting services are most in demand in the field of:

  • telecommunications;
  • finance and insurance;
  • production of goods;
  • air travel;
  • cargo transportation.

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SAP Analytics Cloud for data Analysis purposes

  • Data preparation and modeling in the browser;
  • Support for a variety of data sources (SAP, non-SAP);
  • Creation of “stories” – a set of graphic and tabular elements;
  • Using geodata – linking indicators to the map;
  • Ability to connect remote users to the discussion;
  • User access rights to elements;

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

  • Easily create models and change formulas in the browser;
  • Building models for finance and other functions, with integration into the budgeting model (SAP BPC);
  • Planning, analysis and visualization in one application;
  • Supporting context for planning and making quick decisions;
  • Planning and modeling at any level of detail, with any number of users, at any time;
  • Highly productive planning and forecasting tool;

SAP Analytics Cloud for Predictive analytics

  • Displays factors influencing key figures in income or production;
  • Allows you to work with source data and find hidden dependencies and structures;
  • Answers to business questions using intuitive graphs, without complex database queries.

SAP Digital Boardroom

  • Allows you to make the transition from one-way presentations based on static data to interactive discussion of real-time data;
  • SAP Digital Boardroom collects information from all areas of business in one solution, which allows you to reflect the complete picture of the business;