The Best Data Rooms and Data Sharing Platforms for Secure Storage and B2B Marketing

Making use of online data room solutions implies an effective tool for securely keeping sensitive files and sharing them with various agents. These platforms are also extremely efficient for B2B Marketing. The implementation of such a solution in a company will create a preventive effect and identify the source in case of information leakage.

What Is a Virtual Data Room and What Is It for?

To answer this question clearly, let’s imagine the following situation: an important contract is being discussed. Its details are recognized as confidential. One of the invited partners secretly takes a photo of the document on his/her smartphone and uploads it to the Web. As a result, the deal falls through.

Here’s another example for you: an employee with trusted access takes a photo of a secret document from his/her desktop, and then it appears in one of the telegram channels about leaks. There are dozens of situations when you can lose or deliberately compromise a confidential document, but there are only a few ways to counter this.

One solution is to use permanent or temporary cloud storage or the so-called virtual data rooms. According to a plethora of studies, when working with documents, such an approach already increases the efficiency of the organization. An Internet room is a space where documents are sorted into folders. At the same time, all participants have a certain level of access rights to them, can download files, upload them, and share them. This format of space allows you to organize convenient collaboration within the framework of various production business processes. Visit this page for more information.

VDR with Invisible Marking Option

Comprehensive VDR protection in conjunction with document labeling may be relevant for regulated industries such as the financial sector, government organizations, and medical institutions that store and process confidential patient health data.

One of the advantages of the VDR with the invisible marking option approach can be its relative compactness in terms of project implementation. Most DLP solutions can be quite “heavy” in terms of implementation, consulting, and integration. Using a labeled VDR solution is quite affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. As for large enterprises, it will help to significantly save on implementation, while maintaining information security at a high level.

Moreover, this approach allows you to avoid the loss of documents during coordination and exchange via e-mail, not to mention the fact that the load on traffic, mail servers, and “traditional” data leakage prevention systems become less. As for the method of coordinating documents by printing several copies and working with them by a group of employees with a “red pen”, the problem of taking one or more copies of documents outside the organization and the risk of leaving an important document somewhere in a cafe or public transport is automatically removed.

Virtual data rooms are incredibly useful for B2B confidential file sharing in every market. The main goal of the best platforms is to provide exceptional services, including the fastest and most proactive customer service. Downloading and sending will be marked. So, the system will point to him/her in the event of a leak with an almost one hundred percent guarantee.